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Payul Jamyang Sherig Phuntsok Norling asbl is a not-for-profit association under Belgian law. Traditionally Buddhist teachings are offered free of charge. To support the activities of Rinpoche and our association, board members and others connected to our centre contribute on a voluntary basis. Your compassion, donations and gifts are very welcome to help us achieve our goals.





Payul Jamyang Sherig Phuntsok Norling asbl proposes a membership fixed at 30€ for the year 2020. This contribution helps us to build and reinforce the structure of the asbl and its aim to spread the Buddhist dharma in the Rimé (ecumenical) tradition, give assistance to the sick and dying, and those otherwise in need. It also contributes to the upholding of our home monastery in Tibet with its spiritual and cultural importance for the nomad communities of the region. Our ultimate aim is to contribute to society by providing a space and place to support and benefit the health and well-being of people, by offering meditation and various other spiritual practices.



Name: Payul Jamyang Sherig Phuntsok Norling Buddhist Center asbl, abbreviated P.J.S.P.N. Buddhist Center asbl
Legal form: Non-profit association
Headquarters: Avenue Everard 22, 1190 Forest
Legal Persons Register : Brussels judicial district
Company number: 0542.891.578

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Privacy statement

Palyul Jamyang Sherig Phuntsok Norling asbl is committed to handling personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The personal data we hold are names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses for the purpose of keeping interested people informed of our activities and facilities offered. In the case of donors we also hold such banking details as are necessary to process donations. We take all reasonable steps to keep the data secure and only share it when legally required to do so. We delete data when it is no longer required and we offer the facility for people to check and correct data. We comply with any request to delete data unless we are legally required to retain it.



Palyul Chadongri Tashi Yalpel Ling Monastery – Gabde, Amdo Golok (Gande County, Guoluo TAP, Qinghai Province)

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