Palyul Chadongri Monastery – economic situation





Our economic weakness makes it very difficult for our educational institution to thrive. Thus, if we compare this monastery with other monasteries it has fallen behind in all respects. For a qualified monastery the key points are Shedra and Drubdra. However, in Chadongri Monastery there are not only no Shedra and Chora [debating court in the monastery], but also a lack of housing for the monks to live in. Hence, it is necessary to build them. Tulku Lodoe Gyaltso Rinpoche has been given the responsibility to rebuild those areas for the monastery. Because of that, we would be very grateful for your financial and practical support for Tulku Lodoe Gyaltso Rinpoche. The monastery will seek protection for those who help in both this and future lives. For instance, that their wishes become successful in this life and that they will obtain liberation in a future life. Furthermore, the monastery will inscribe the names of important sponsors in the monastery’s records.